Jayant Sinha

Jayant is an automotive professional turned innovation igniter. He is a Founder of Innovation Igniter Org. & Author of the book "The Igniters Journey." He Educates, Explores & Expand in 3Ds-Design Thinking-Design For Six Sigma-Digital Process Automation. He likes to co-create products, develop new business models, innovatively explore new markets. The Innovation Igniter Lab's objective is to provide knowledge, insight, and patterns so that "single sources of truth" can be explored.

How To Create A Minimum Viable Product

06 Steps to Make The Lean Startup Canvas Exclusive

The concept of lean has derived from Toyota Production System, Farther of lean management, Taiichi Ohno. The fundamental principle of lean is to reduce waste and to add value to customers’ products and services. Toyota Production System is also referred to as Just In Time production

crowdfunding in india

Crowdfunding In India: Will it fly Successfully?

Crowdfunding is the strategy to raise funds (a small amount) from multiple backers or donors through an online platform or social networking site for a specific project, venture, or social cause. It’s not a new concept in India but can understand as taking the ‘Chanda’ from the online platform.

crowdsourcing in india

Crowdsourcing in India: Will Platform Empower Co-Innovators?

In 2006, Jeff Howe published an article in Wired, “The Rise of crowdsourcing,” where he bifurcated crowdsourcing as crowd and outsourcing. Some tasks require special skills, and you might not like to outsource. Still, some activities like a poll, vote, or opinion from the intended customer or audience are very much needed.