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Crowdsourcing in India: Will Platform Empower Co-Innovators?

crowdsourcing in india

I recently got an inquiry from one of the Ed-Tech company, looking for a freelancer Design Thinker with an audit request and validating their business idea in the marketplace. 

I suggested going through my upcoming book, “The Innovation Journey,” chapter,” 07 Ways to Validate Your Idea Quickly”, where I have presented validating the Idea through the crowdsourcing platform.

He comes back with queries, Is validating an idea safe, legal, and genuine? Will it be trustworthy to validate an idea through crowdsourcing in India? 

I thought all the above questions are very common to all who either start their entrepreneurship journey or enterprise who would like to invest in crowdsourcing platforms. But because of fear of losing the Idea, Intellectual property rights (I.P.R) protection, miscommunication, excessive competition, I remembered Futurist Gerd Leonhard’s quote, which goes like this.

“While you cannot solve for future uncertainty, you can prepare your teams to think strategically using data-driven signals, trends, and outcomes. Focus on connections, not predictions. Doing so will help your organization get ahead of disruption to build your preferred futures.”

crowdsourcing in india

In an ever-changing landscape of the marketplace, increasing business mobility, data migration to the cloud, and retaining existing customers becoming a challenge for leaders. To generate innovative responses to the new challenges fast enough, They need co-innovators, which need to be tapped & nurtured beyond premises.

In 2006, Jeff Howe published an article in Wired, “The Rise of crowdsourcing,” where he bifurcated crowdsourcing as crowd and outsourcing. Some tasks require special skills, and you might not like to outsource. Still, some activities like a poll, vote, or opinion from the intended customer or audience are very much needed.

Since it requires excessive resources to filter the Idea or is quite expensive to do inside the premises, such a scenario uses collective intelligence to go through innovation challenges and problem-solving. Crowdsourcing is becoming an integral part of business activity.

He replied, What is crowdsourcing, and How is it different than crowdfunding? Can you give me an example?

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