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Design Thinking For Startup, An Innovative Approach for Solving Problems

Design Thinking

Have you ever experienced Just walk-out shopping?

In January 2018, Amazon introduced the concept inspired by Self-driving cars, Computer vision, Sensors, Deep learning, and Design Thinking to let customers pick up what they need and leave in the store without going through a checkout process.

Amazon Go has a concept that allows you to leave the store without waiting for you in a queue.

You can walk out as technology enables during checkout to detect when a product is taken or returned on shelves, and you get the receipt and charge slip from your Amazon account. No line, no checkout!

But the bigger question is, will you ready to pay a premium for a checkout-free shopping experience?

The answer lies in Design Thinking.


What if, I asked you, what is common among Nike, Amazon, Netflix, Airbnb, and Google? No doubt, your answer now would be they applied the Design thinking principle in their business. When enterprises and entrepreneurs use it with a blend of creativity and logic, the results are extraordinary.

What is Design Thinking? Is it Reverse Innovation?

Design Thinking is a framework that puts end-users at the center of the design process and enables teams to work more effectively and efficiently to solve their problem and create new values ​​that affect them differently and positively.

It is the mindset of identifying user problems with a deep sense of empathy, finding multiple solutions to solve the problem using your skills, and finally, exploring a strategy to present what the customer will experience differently.

Design thinking Innovation Igniter

David Kelly, Founder of IDEO, defines empathy as challenging preconceived ideas and setting aside your sense of what you think is right to learn what is true.

The top three reasons for applying design thinking principles in companies is attributed as


  • Designing solutions that delight customers and increase profits.
  • Identify and priorities strategic business opportunities.
  • Reduce time-to-market and reduce costs to gain a competitive advantage.

Companies that have implemented design thinking have seen that their bottom-line increases with a healthy growth rate.

Design Thinking Myths, Does it Work?

Recently I surveyed Design Thinking and was surprised to find that few Senior professionals, Educators, and Entrepreneurs have a misconception on Design Thinking and have a skeptical view. These are just myths.

51 respondent has rated the scale in a range of 1 to 10, 10- being strong confidence and 0- being no confidence.

Design Thinking Survey

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